About us

Boyds Printworks was born of necessity. As the owners of Boyds of Bedford (A Gentlemen's Lifestyle Retailer) we were frustrated with the quality of printed products available in the market, with most places making garments suitable for corporate use, but not discerning fashion led consumers.

We wanted to know that the products we would be getting would be printed right, on high quality garments and presented in a way that matched our brand ambitions.

What started as a way to supply our store quickly took on a life of its own and we found ourselves partnering with other likeminded businesses to create the high quality products that they were proud to sell on.

Boyds Printworks uses traditional printing methods and waterbased inks to create garments which look as good as they feel, standing up to washing and wear in a way that other printing methods simply cannot achieve. We are a small, family run business based in the heart of the market town of Bedford, UK.

Want to order? We have a number of fixed price offers to give you an idea of the kind of thing we do, but we are able to complete more specific requests as required. Email hello@boydsprintworks.com we would be happy to chat through your options with you.

Check out our artwork guidelines to make sure you are ready to go to print

Boyds Printworks, 26 Newnham Street, Bedford, MK40 3DG

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